One look at those carefully-placed full-stops in the title and you can assume two things: a) that this single will be a slab of impassioned post-hardcore, replete with noodley guitars and b) the band responsible will all be very intense young men. ‘Like. Gentle. Men.’ is better than the pretentious title suggests – it’s a nicely spiky mash-up of dual-vocal harmonies and chanted choruses, layered over epic post-rock. However, it’s on B-side ‘Burning Off The Murk’ that the band really shines, especially when, four minutes in, the shards of discordant guitar give way to ear-bleeding Fugazi-meets-At The Drive-In riffage. More please.

3½ / 5

- Sarah Robinson



Tired Irie
"Like. Gentle. Men."

A. Like. Gentle. Men.
B. Burning Off The Murk

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl