Leicester five piece TIRED IRIE are disciples of Interpol and Editors, which is apparent on “Like..” with its compassionate vocal lines and single note guitar riffs, soaring middle eights and moody, robotic mantras. “Like..” is full of dark, cut glass guitar spikes and Chameleon-esque guitar phrases, but the stammering bass line and distorted chants don’t allow Tired Irie, to break their own pre-defined and self referenced moulds. “Burning Off The Murk” is a bit more post prog, daring to cross the six minute threshold. The drums are more ambitious as are the guitars and harmonies and it just sounds much bigger, better and more original for it – in fact it’s straight on my play list and is begging for repeated plays – on the face of this track alone, Tired Irie are another incredibly intense band helping usher in the new wave of post rock progressiveness. For the first tracks laclustre obviousness this is Awesome.


- Simon Brown




Tired Irie
"Like. Gentle. Men."

A. Like. Gentle. Men.
B. Burning Off The Murk

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl