This Brighton-based two piece have a somewhat intriguing sound: the duo play lo-fi UK punk with an air of simplicity. They're quite unique, with most punk bands today originating from the US, with their heavy British accents and very British sound. Blood Red Shoes are simple and effective with no energy wasted on useless frills.

Second track 'Meet Me At Eight' begins with good old-fashioned "oi!s" and continues the British punk sound. Laura May's vocals in 'Stitch Me Back' really make the track interesting with her different sound.

Blood Red Shoes are an interesting outfit, with a good sound and probably a great live show with tons of energy. The single won't break any boundaries, but it's a great ten minutes of music.


- Tom Whitson





Blood Red Shoes
"Stitch Me Back/Meet Me At 8"

A. Stitch Me Back
AA. Meet Me At Eight

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl