Sometimes the simplest of things are the most pleasurable. Sundays filled with procrastination can breed a week of smiles and happiness. Holidaying in Britain rather than trekking abroad allows for no language barrier and minimal stress. Three chords and simple drumming can also breed a sense of happiness and few are as articulate in this language as Brighton's boy/girl duo Blood Red Shoes.
'Stitch Me Back' is essentially a three minute chorus that pounds and pounds until you're beaten into submission and the words 'stitch me back' are imprinted in the centre of your skull. The band let up for moments of respite on occasion, breaking to move up and down the fretboard and drop to silence for a moment or two. Of course, you are once again lambasted with chants when the guitars pick things back up. Repetitive? Maybe, but this is a great, great song.
B-side 'Meet Me At Eight' plays off the magnetic boy/girl call/response routine that the band are so perfectly equipped to pull and whilst it lacks the infectiousness of the A-side, the more intriguing lyricism and guitarist Laura-Mary's controlling yelps showcase Blood Red Shoes' talent for outclassing most other duos in rock by managing to actually be interesting.
They'll never 'do' a White Stripes and hit the charts with dullardry and rehashed blues choruses; rather, the Shoes will be entertaining us all with a swell line in ballsy punk-tinged heavy pop songs for a good few years yet.


- Colin Roberts





Blood Red Shoes
"Stitch Me Back/Meet Me At 8"

A. Stitch Me Back
AA. Meet Me At Eight

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl