Blood red Shoes are a girl boy duo from Brighton with aspirations beyond anyone’s imagination. A good start is to tell you that chances are they will achieve them if they continue to create such assertive and aggressive sounds as those made on this, their second single to be released.

Where this aggressiveness stems from is no-one's business, but it's amazing to think that all this comes from just two people, who after just a few seconds of listening, you imagine to look like Emily Strange and her playmate. So many musical influences pop out at you, its refreshing that with so much competition in today’s market that they haven’t been inclined to stick to the tried and tested and musically correct route in.

You certainly wouldn’t expect ‘Stitch Me back’ to replay over and over in your mind but it has as charismatic way of charming your senses and before you know it, Emily (ok Laura-Mary) has you chanting the chorus along with her. Ferocious drumming from ex Cat on Form guitarist Steven Ansell along with Laura-Mary’s equally indelicate guitar bashing and you’ve got a fantastic combination of crazy punk undertones and demonising pop vocals. All we need now is for them to put Chucky back in Nursery…..

‘Meet Me At Eight’ uses the duo's vocal combination in a mysteriously enchanting form. Musical foreplay, even. There’s excessive talent in the form alone, with some thoughtfully disturbing lyrics to boot, immediately its apparent that the anger is yet still growing as the ferocity of the strumming and drumming increases but they still manage to hold on to that catchy ambivalence.

I am yet to see these live but can’t wait to see what chaos ensues when they take to the stage.

- Sharron Grainger





Blood Red Shoes
"Stitch Me Back/Meet Me At 8"

A. Stitch Me Back
AA. Meet Me At Eight

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl