Another band from Brighton, England. I sense something going on down on the south coast of this country. Blood Red Shoes are a two piece that consists of Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter. This single seems to be the band's second release.

This two track release contain raw energy a plenty. Lead track 'Stitch Me Back' is a gruff rock n roll song which has abrasive guitars and heavy rhythms. It's sole purpose seems to be pummel you into submission. Nice.

'Meet Me At Eight' starts (and ends) with an annoying boy girl 'Hey' call routine. Which goes on too long - but after this - the song itself is another self assured and gritty piece of guitar rock. This could be a lo-fi version of The Kills (another duo if I'm not mistaken). This is one powerful sounding recording. I like it.
Blood Red Shoes seem to stride the gap between indie and heavier rock effortlessly. When they sound heavy the recall the less cliched end of the spectrum and they have the DIY raw power ethic that marks the band out as one that sits well in the post punk (Wire, Big Black, The Kills etc) scheme of things.

This record is released in a limited run of 500 from Try Harder Records. The band also have their own website

The band also have some MP3's for download from their website. Get over and click the music link. They're just as raw recordings - but that's never a bad thing to my ears.

- tmc





Blood Red Shoes
"Stitch Me Back/Meet Me At 8"

A. Stitch Me Back
AA. Meet Me At Eight

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl