Blood Red Shoes take their name in reference to Ginger Rogers, but don’t let that fool you; this is no innocent toe-tapper. BRS make a lot of noise for a drums/guitar two piece. Stitch Me Back is a loud and brutal snarl of spiky guitar pop - shouty boy/girl vocal harmonies combined with unrelenting guitar fuzz. It’s quirky, strangely addictive and needs to be played LOUD.

The band’s website offers the two tracks as a free download. Share the tracks with ‘that special someone’ they say. But be warned, this is not the soundtrack to that romantic evening you have planned. On Meet Me At Eight, the (slightly) more accessible side, the drums thud relentlessly to barbed and repeated guitar hooks. “This is not a date” the band shout “As long as I know”.

This is BRS’ second single and it's already picking up airplay on Radio One and XFM. I’m liking a lot - seven nation armies out of ten.

- Alex McM





Blood Red Shoes
"Stitch Me Back/Meet Me At 8"

A. Stitch Me Back
AA. Meet Me At Eight

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl