I’ve got a great idea. Let’s fuse the mind-bending quasi-math spazz of Hella, with so-sweet-it’s-almost-sickly melody, heaps of EMOtion and package it all in a sub-disco sprawl!

Shit. Foals have already done it.

Fighting out of the flames of The Edmund Fitzgerald, easily one of Oxford’s most interesting bands, Foals are the sum of all the parts listed above and then some. ‘Try This On Your Piano’ is a consistently altering, technical number, voiced by Youthmovies’ Andrew Mears and laced with truly affecting harmony of both guitar and vocals.

The production of both tracks on this double-A-sided 7” leaves a good deal to be desired. The tri-guitar attacks are somewhat more muted and the drums feel a little flat, but the ideas contributing to what Foals are close to achieving are engaging and leave me excited for future output.

Flipside, ‘Look at My Furrows of Worry’, with its elongated introduction and hazy, laid back vocal is underpinned by an angular guitar line that penetrates the consciousness and finds itself leaking back into your head at the most unexpected of times.

Another six months honing the melodic and pop hooks of Foals and we’ll have a truly enthralling proposition on our hands, for now, passify yourself with this slab of plastic. Yet more fine output from the seemingly infallible Try Harder.


- Colin Roberts





"Try this on your piano"

A. Try this on your piano
AA. Look at my furrows of worry

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 700 numbered copies on heavy vinyl