Let's get one thing straight: this band are NOT Biffy Clyro. They are entirely different to Biffy Clyro. In fact, they are entirely different to any band i can think of, but Biffy Clyro are the band that they are least different from, and so it's Biffy Clyro i have to mention to offer some kind of comparison.

Their press release claims they create 'air-clasping off-kilter pop songs', which probably makes them sound a lot more 'usual' than they are. The first track doesn't go anywhere you'd expect it to, and I'd like to say both songs are pretty relaxed but they're just kind of oppressive - in a good way. Despite the style of the music not being particluarly 'in your face', there's simply too much going on to be relaxed - what else would you expect from a 5-piece, three of whom are guitarists?

There might be an air of Incubus about them in terms of song structure, but that might be me clutching at straws. It's impossible to describe the songs in terms of any other song. It's a reviewer's nightmare. But, isn't that what makes great bands?

I'm not saying that these guys are the next big thing, but there are harmonies and melodies everywhere, and the song writing experience of the band (formed from three other bands) definitely shows. The only problem is, because the sound is so distinctive, the two tracks - 'Try this on your piano' and 'look at my furrows of worry' - sound a little too similar.

This is clever music. But it’s not Stephen Hawkins clever, it’s Stephen Fry clever - still very likeable.

- Heather Parry





"Try this on your piano"

A. Try this on your piano
AA. Look at my furrows of worry

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 700 numbered copies on heavy vinyl