Oxford based Foals (featuring Jack and Yannis, formerly of The Edmund Fitzgerald, as well as Andrew from YMSS!) use some very neat guitar arpeggios and a very dry, almost EMO style vocal. It’s the mathematical indie values though that are given an extremely stripped back, bare, restrained sound and which are the most impressive point. Each instrument barely gets anything like a distortion, instead the multiplexed cascading notes drill out their own rhythm and locked in, hypnotising score. “Look At My Furrows Of Worry” developes this further, with as many notes as raindrops during a firm downpour, the melodic canvas that Foals weave is compelling and smartly delivered. An inspired revelation.

5/5 (Single of the week)

- Manuel Ecostos





"Try this on your piano"

A. Try this on your piano
AA. Look at my furrows of worry

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 700 numbered copies on heavy vinyl