Foals, another band propelled forwards by the Myspace movement, describe their influences as things like; laughter, rum, indie kids who dance out the words of the song, clean guitars that sound like transparent sunshine. The latter of this quirky assortment is a beautiful way to illustrate their sound, captured in the single release of Try This On Your Piano.
The song begins with a watery guitar pattern, rippling its notes over and over. As the music progresses, the listener is immersed in intertwining melodies and beats, the aching vocals soaring over and under and in between the tunes. The result is a stunningly atmospheric sound that swerves in unexpected ways, surprises in the directions it turns and completely captivates whoever is listening.
While the sound of Foals is definitely like those of bands with similarly off-kilter, swirling melodies such as Minus The Bear, they still manage to create original tunes with their polyrhythmic guitars and skipping drum beats. The lyrical, atmospheric music of Foals is a very refreshing breath of fresh air and they are certainly one to look out for.

- Natasha Footman




"Try this on your piano"

A. Try this on your piano
AA. Look at my furrows of worry

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 700 numbered copies on heavy vinyl