There is a scientific theory that states if you played all the copies of A.D.H.D. - and there are 1000 - at the same time in a small village in southern Ecuador at even just the middle volume level on an average hi fi it would prompt EVERYONE over 40 in Kent to spontaneously write a letter of complaint to their council.

A.D.H.D. is yet another antidote to banality from Brighton's premier riot duo. More angular than previous releases this is still a juggernaut of taunt musicianship, relentless drumming and merciless piledriver riffs. It's honest and unavoidable like the bloody nose on the front of your face and another example of why Blood Red Shoes are fast becoming one of the more essential and standout of the rafts and rafts of new bands on new labels cropping up week in week out in the UK.

At the right volume you could burst an irritating neighbour's eardrum from your bedroom with this. At this rate, by the time they get 'round to an album Blood Red Shoes will be just about ready for WMD status. Lite the fuse.

- Aidienn Ellison



Blood Red Shoes

A. A.D.H.D.
B. Can't Find The Door

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 1000 numbered copies on heavy vinyl