ADHD is the third single from Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes, a fitting title to a song that bounds about like a tearaway child deprived of Ritalin. Following in the genre crunching tradition of the mighty Test-Icicles, they draw upon a range of influences, fusing them together seemingly effortlessly to create a stripped down record that sounds both fresh and vital.

They are perhaps the most entertaining two piece to offer up their musical styling since Mulligan and O’Hare, with songs you can really dance to. If A.D.H.D were a film it’d be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (think killer hooks, lots of screaming etc), an instantly likeable number from a group I doubt you have heard the last of.

Whoever said ADHD was a bad thing was probably a loony, or a doctor or something…and what would they know? Stay off the meds guys.


- John Lilburne



Blood Red Shoes

A. A.D.H.D.
B. Can't Find The Door

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 1000 numbered copies on heavy vinyl