In the continuing absence of a new Kaito album, Blood Red Shoes are yet another band who sound as if they've been heftily influenced by Norwich's finest. This is all dissonant stabs of guitar, boy / girl vocals, and an ooo ah ooo lo-fi chorus with a load of yelps over the top. A very good fizzy guitar pop song then, as befits a ditty called 'A.D.H.D.' and an anxiously refrain of "I'm so I'm so distracted", and certainly a lot more preferable to the execrable Help She Can't Swim, but given that Kaito effectively recorded this song four years ago, it'd be nice to hear things moved on a bit.

"This looks pretty home made. It's the kind of thing I can acknowlege as kind of fun, but it's totally not my thing, the screaming and yelling lyrics, I'm more into melodies. This is a little too... I like the cover, though. And the coffee stain on the back."

I think that's mine.

"What do you call this kind of thing? I hear a lot of bands like this, but what do you call it? The Yelling Thing? I feel bad because I know a lot of people I know would really like this. It's not a judgement on them or anything. What's the next one?"

- Luke Turner



Blood Red Shoes

A. A.D.H.D.
B. Can't Find The Door

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 1000 numbered copies on heavy vinyl