Jonquil hail from Oxford, but this collection of diaphanous musings seems to come from about three miles up. Vocals are used sparingly to great effect, adding to the contemplative mood, while a range of instruments from guitars to electronic clicks and blips build texture and carry to tone between blissful and downright sinister. Hugo Manuel, who anchors the band, is joined by three members of local group Wait For Coniston, as well as several guest performers who provide vocals and less predictably, flugelhorn. The result is an album that is easy to dismiss but which can just as easily ensnare. Once you’re in, it is also a record that will continually offer up new treats, giving it a satisfying longevity. A Jonquil, incidentally, is a type of daffodil.

- Jon Fletcher



"Sunny Casinos"

1. Avignon
2. There is no Ian Bridgwater
3. Alhambra
4. You're Not My Mind
5. Too Late
6. Square Rigger
7. Sunny Casinos
8. Tracing
9. Woodstock
10. Full of Grace's Bitterness

CD album in gatefold sleeve
1st 45 copies came in a hessian sleeve