The news that this is "an Oxford bedroom recording project turned band" doesn't augur well, but it turns out to be a surprisingly lovely - if odd - LP.

Melodies abound, sound effects cascade and the unfamiliar moods of dulcimer and glockenspiel combine to create a mellow treasure.

Nothing wretched like chill or new age - real tunes and songs lurk within and the whole thing is gently arresting.


- Ian Gittens

Planet Sound



"Sunny Casinos"

1. Avignon
2. There is no Ian Bridgwater
3. Alhambra
4. You're Not My Mind
5. Too Late
6. Square Rigger
7. Sunny Casinos
8. Tracing
9. Woodstock
10. Full of Grace's Bitterness

CD album in gatefold sleeve
1st 45 copies came in a hessian sleeve