For a record that only just tops twenty minutes, there are a huge number of bases touched here. The title track is a skittish, beat-pounding dance number, with Gnade ranting like a man possessed, while "It's Five O'Clock In America", underpinned by its marching band drums, sounds like a rallying battlecry for a society on it's deathbed. The second half of the the record is a lot more of an ethereal experience, with "We Were Born From Floodwaters" featuring some skittish electronics and looped guitars that build and build and build under a typically-apocalyptic Gnade lyric. Indeed, Gnade's contributions are one of the unassailable strengths of this record - while his "talking songs" (see his website for more details of what this entails) vocal delivery may take a while to adjust to, and you may not always know what he's on about, there's just something about what he's saying that you cannot ignore. Can-not-ig-nore. Although that isn't to sell short Youthmovies' contributions, who manage to turn out music that sounds almost nothing like what they usually offer. It's an inspiring turn for them, and shows really quite how versatile they are.

Simply put: I love this record.



Adam Gnade & Youthmovies
"Honey Slides"

1. Honey Slides
2. It's Five O'Clock In America
3. We're Unknowing In The Crosshairs, We Walk Unknowing In The Crosshairs
4. We Were Born from Floodwaters
5. Snake Lore, Part II: Hold Back The Flame, O Weary Friends!