If you had to pick a freakscene, alternative poet / folk singer and attach their work to the output of a rumbling, ethereal guitar band then you’d be hard pushed to better this collaboration between Oxford’s Youthmovies and American Adam Gnade. From “It’s Five O’Clock In America” to the metallic oscillations of “We’re Unknowing In The Crosshairs..”, Gnade sounds like a troubled stranger stood on a street corner murmuring missives from rough scribblings in a well worn notebook. Much of the EP was fabricated and improvised on the road, but for a band as spontaneous as Youthmovies, it’s (probably) just another day at the office.

The tracks are particularly grim and haunting but in true style, in the most beautiful of ways. Gnade’s delivery comes across as nothing more than a young man reading with little emotion from a narrative often made up of memories and descriptions. But somehow it all comes together even if the words become a little lost in the cycling of sounds and reverse beats.




Adam Gnade & Youthmovies
"Honey Slides"

1. Honey Slides
2. It's Five O'Clock In America
3. We're Unknowing In The Crosshairs, We Walk Unknowing In The Crosshairs
4. We Were Born from Floodwaters
5. Snake Lore, Part II: Hold Back The Flame, O Weary Friends!