Not content with wearing a musical coat of many colours within their own band compositions, Youthmovies regularly collaborate with fellow underground artists, effortlessly showing off new dimensions. On this five-track EP the band team up with Portland, Oregon singer/poet Adam Gnade – who is currently supporting them on tour – their music sitting as an unsettling, ambient backdrop to Adam’s dark-minded, often paranoid, stream-of-consciousness words. Delivering his words with a panicky intensity Adam occasionally threatens to stray into teenage goth fantasy – there are black clouds aplenty on his personal horizon: “they watch us from the trees” and “we live life in the crosshairs”. Behind him guitars, keys and horns flicker, undulate and wobble, at their best making you feel like you’re walking across an unsafe wooden floor as lightbulbs strobe unevenly above. The bleak, nervous intensity of it all comes on like The Paperchase if they listened to more Steve Reich and John Zorn and less Big Black, or perhaps a fidgety kid brother to Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia’s self-harming big sister. Ambient it may be, but it’s far from easy listening.

Nightshift magazine



Adam Gnade & Youthmovies
"Honey Slides"

1. Honey Slides
2. It's Five O'Clock In America
3. We're Unknowing In The Crosshairs, We Walk Unknowing In The Crosshairs
4. We Were Born from Floodwaters
5. Snake Lore, Part II: Hold Back The Flame, O Weary Friends!