Here's Adam Gnade And Youthmovies together on the cracking Try Harder label. 'Honey Slides' is a 5 track CD EP of some of the freshest sounds I've heard in ages. The opener is like Foals (but with Adam talking all street poet like all over the shop). In fact that's what Adam Gnade does... he rants and raves all over the place at the right moment to create some right special moments just for your two ears. It works remarkably well over Youthmovies' post rock/prog/electronic noodlings. Together they make a rather enjoyable and moving EP. The first three tracks are more guitar-based tunes but the last two are some crazy electronic/avant garde shit which were unexpected but they really add to this great EP. I reckon it would be fantastic to see this performed live. Thumbs up.



Adam Gnade & Youthmovies
"Honey Slides"

1. Honey Slides
2. It's Five O'Clock In America
3. We're Unknowing In The Crosshairs, We Walk Unknowing In The Crosshairs
4. We Were Born from Floodwaters
5. Snake Lore, Part II: Hold Back The Flame, O Weary Friends!