Grandiose in a run down country house kind of way. Perhaps a lament to the old hedges carved to take the form of a pride of lions, but now, sadly but a shadow of their former sense. A metaphor that strikes me so much more than when Aslan died in 'The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe'. I never really got that.

Jonquil are, despite above literating, a band from Oxford who released an album way back last year. They sound distant, the accordian is walking away slowly from something, and taken with it a bedroom full of orchestration. It all makes me want to join them. It’s like folk music recovering from the revolution: rejuvenation and lost memories of the songs that rallied them.

- Mike Smith




1. Lily
2. Sudden Sun
3. Keep It In Keeping
4. Pencil, Paper
5. Babe, So Now Why No?
6. ------
7. Lions
8. Here's To The Little Man
9. Subtle Strains
10. Magdalen Bridge
11. Whistle Low
12. Sleepy Like Pudding
13. Shore
14. I Don't Need Advice

CD album

Out October 8th