Sounding not unlike a sadder, more screechy version of Doves, Redjetson make a big noise that wraps itself around songs of vision and grandeur. Both tracks on offer here are excellent examples of their genre – yearning, slow burning magic that lurches between xylophone lullaby verses and feedback drenched choruses on The Unravelling, and goes on the rhythmic attack on Racing in the Mire, which refuses to sit still for longer than a few bars. The scope of their sound is sufficiently grand to warrant comparisons with Mogwai, although the songs are certainly more structured. It’s warmer than the term ‘post rock’ would suggest, as there are melodies-a-plenty, and there’s even echoes of everyone’s favourite narrators of the modern metropolis, Bloc Party. Good stuff.

Adam Corner

can't someone else do it?



"The Unravelling "

A. The Unravelling
B. Racing In The Mire

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl