Playing vast experimental post-rock that again mirrors the likes of Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and of course Sigur Ros, with the added vocal sensibilities of The Editors, the double A-side single “The Unravelling / Racing in the Mire” presents quite a return to grandeur for Essex outfit REDJETSON. Much alike the aforementioned Explosions in the Sky, Redjetson open “The Unravelling” with some two minutes of gentle, sweet and harmonious instrumental and vocal melodies before suddenly collapsing into a cataclysmic outro of epic propensity and divergent juxtaposition. On the contrary, “Racing in the Mire” is much less guarded in its intentions and decibels alike. Although the intro flutters for little more than a minute, the absence of vocals forever hints at the looming introduction of an altogether bolder sound. Consequently, once the guitars and percussion do eventually kick in, we are suddenly confronted by a much more fervent and aggressive take on the bands typically slow, progressive template. Displaying a true progression from the band’s 2005 releases (notably the New General Catalogue LP), Redjetson’s first release on the Try Harder imprint hints at both their growing maturity and musical complexity.


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"The Unravelling "

A. The Unravelling
B. Racing In The Mire

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl