What beauty. When you hear something live so often you fear it'll disappoint when committed to record. Thankfully Redjetson have yet to disappoint and have pulled out not one but two compelling songs from their collective hat.

The Unravelling is slow and sweeping, starting with a quiet loop, gentle keyboard and soft drums. it builds up to an epic noise of a chorus with vocals soaring high above the music before drifting back off to depart as peacefully as it arrived leaving you touched and bringing the needle back to the start.

Racing In The Mire is more upbeat. It starts with gentle guitar before turning up the volume. And then it goes a bit, well mathy. it finally breaks with tight drumming and repeated guitar before finally allowing vocals to drift in to help bring the song to a beautiful climax.


suspect drawings



"The Unravelling "

A. The Unravelling
B. Racing In The Mire

7" vinyl, limited pressing of 500 numbered copies on heavy vinyl