After the cinematic folktronica of Sunny Casinos by local folks, Jonquil of last year, this debut album release by Blanket is musically a different adventure altogether.

There are some dark and deep moments from a singer whose voice is sweet on the ear. It’s a strange and hypnotic mix with downtempo, but not cheap lo-fi. Think of a skinny Eighteen Day of May or Bright Eyes for folkies with Sol Seppy on vocals, but without the humour (particularly ‘Goodbye To Fast Food’).

‘Heaven, Heaven, Earth’ is a joyous (relatively) opener but be careful with ‘Collapse’ as is it relies on a iron lung machine EFX (either that or a very snotty nose).

The darkness of ‘Vroom, Vroom Bang Bang, Bang’ is closer to Tunng as the omnichord drone (sounds like an accordion) is enlivened with some economical trumpet (Gabriella Svennungen). In the same ball-park, Collyer gets to do some whistling on the haunting ‘Mondo Ikea’

Another guest, Lewis Shaw provides further guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion and some glockenspiel. ‘Off’ is like some merry go round on a Greek island in the last throws of summer wipe outs.

There’s a jazz freeness feel to this and you can imagine Stephen and Lawrence jamming together as Vicky sings; possibly oblivious to the beauty of their playing or her own voice.

Perhaps it comes from their residential separation; the boys in Brighton, Vicky in London. Mid territory is Crawley, home of baggage handling disputes, Robert Smith and The Feeling. That’s some trio of disrepute that needs a blanket or shame throwing over them.

The lap steel comes out on ‘Heaven, Heaven Earth’ and ‘Clothes Horse’, both of which are in stark contrast to the ‘Biblical Hair’ spewing and the suicidal ‘Threats’ saved by the glockenspiel.

‘Biblical Hair’ and ‘Threats’ are for an audience of folky emos. An audience will be found if one doesn’t exist already; prepare to follow Blanket like they were Thief.

- Gerry Hectic





1. Heaven Heaven Earth
2. Collapse
3. Vroom Vroom Bang Bang Bang
4. Off
5. Wood For Fire
6. Clothes Horse
7. Biblical Hair
8. Threats
9. Mondo Ikea
10. Goodbye To Fast Food

CD album