Over the last couple of years Tired Irie have dabbled in dark indie pop (Editors/Interpol style) and latterly something approaching post rock. Their latest EP on the quality vinyl platform Try Harder is a revelation. Stirring in everything they know, whilst dreaming of things they wish they knew, their self-titled four tracker drips in catchy guitar hooks and a disco / electronic driven burble located comfortably beneath the constant exchange of riffs and the superbly interlocked sequencing and effects. “Skipteque” is like a 21st century version of ACR, as warm but almost robotic melodies and chants skew against the hypnotic two note signature of a guitar flailing off a four for the floor beat. This is the first band at least recently , if not ever to successfully combine serious electro funk disco with an eerily contagious indie rock sensibility. Mindblowing material from the Leicester quartet.

Manuel Ecostos




Tired Irie
"Tired Irie"

1. Sumerian
2. IM Keller
3. Terra Firma
4. Skipteque