Playdoe is what could be described [as] the most 'globally marketable' South African hip-hopper - not that there's much competition, the cynical might say. Lazily compared to Dizzee Rascal by the mainstream British media, Playdoe actually consists of township boys Spoek Mathambo and the hilariously named (apparently) DJ Fuck. Right.

Promising to make 'African music for the ass and the tit' the onus of Playdoe is most definitely on fun. This isn't Dizzee's mashed up grime, but a clean-cut electrobeat hip-hop that echoes more with Grandmaster Flash than anything that's come out of Shoreditch. The eponymous opening track, full of conspicuously over-exaggerated scratching and fantastically fun hooks is not the hip-hop of Gil Scott-Heron; political commentary is always going to be in short supply in any song that features the lyrics "Made you take a shit on your bosses car."

But semi-ironic lyrics aside there's no question this is going to be all over London's achingly hip sound systems within weeks. Remixes from Dan Le Sac and Toxic Avenger feature at the end of the album, the latter messing up the bass beat to give it a harder and sharper edge.

Aside from this dancefloor "smash" the rest of the album is original to say the least. 'Neolectro Afrobotic' is impossibly catchy, with swirling electro synths and 'compress-to-crush' beats that push the track forward at breakneck speed. It's certainly safe to say that 'Fish Gut' is like nothing you'll hear all year. This really needs to be heard to be believed. As eighties hip-hop revivalists go, Playdoe look like being the cream of the crop. Do yourself a favour and jump on board with these adventurers on some wonderfully fun wheels of steel.

-Mike Martinez

London Student, 7 October 2008



"Sibot And Spoek Are…"

1. It’s That Beat
2. Fish Gut
3. Neolectro Afrobotic
4. Gravy Yard
5. Pop Like This
6. Metro Waste Line
7. It’s That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix)
Digital Exclusive - Not Available On 12”
8. It’s That Beat (Dan Le Sac Remix)

12" EP & digital download with extra track

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