While the blogs engage in ceaseless onanism over the sooo authentically African and therefore primal and raw generic kwaito of DJ Mujava, fellow South African duo Playdoe suggest that maybe some people in the third world want to be from Brooklyn anyway. Their green card may be in the post after a throbbing debut mini-album. Forswearing the ghetto-tech stylings of red-hot MC Spoek's other project Sweat X for something that works during daylight hours, he and big-in-France producer Sibot build a Mantronix world of chunky retro-rap about taking a shit on the boss' auto and other fun stuff. I have seen the future of African music and it is wearing a baseball cap and calling me 'homie'.

- Gavin Haynes

NME, 4 October 2008



"Sibot And Spoek Are…"

1. It’s That Beat
2. Fish Gut
3. Neolectro Afrobotic
4. Gravy Yard
5. Pop Like This
6. Metro Waste Line
7. It’s That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix)
Digital Exclusive - Not Available On 12”
8. It’s That Beat (Dan Le Sac Remix)

12" EP & digital download with extra track

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