The sleeve announces Playdoe as belonging to the current wave of fresh-faced paradoxically retro rap - the likes of Kid Sister, Cool Kids, Amanda Blank, Cadence Weapon and Yo Majesty. It also looks remarkably like the cover of Spank Rock's Yoyoyoyoyo. The point of this new wave of totally un-thugged out hip-hop is that it harks back to when hip-hop was fun and ravey. What distinguishes this crew from your Bambaatas and your Parrishes, though, is the dexterity (greatly enhanced by their technological savvy) with which they pilfer a host of trans-geographical, trans-historical urban scenes, from kwaito to funk, Bmore to electro.

In fact South Africa's Spoek himself makes a point of not being authentically African. Part of me wants to bewail the fact that there's little else setting this duo apart from their peers; the rest of me knows that that's because it does what it does so well.

- Melissa Bradshaw

Plan B, 1 October 2008



"Sibot And Spoek Are…"

1. It’s That Beat
2. Fish Gut
3. Neolectro Afrobotic
4. Gravy Yard
5. Pop Like This
6. Metro Waste Line
7. It’s That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix)
Digital Exclusive - Not Available On 12”
8. It’s That Beat (Dan Le Sac Remix)

12" EP & digital download with extra track

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